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Members of the Calcutta Bodo Association felt that a nation is known by its language, culture and tradition. Therefore, the Association in order to produce literature, which is the mirror of a nation, concurred to publish a Journal annually. With this object in view, the members started literary journey in a small way under the name of LAIJOU. Laijou is a Bodo word meaning ‘tender leaf’.

However, the first Laijou came out in a multilingual version in which articles in Bodo, English, and Bengali were accommodated. Almost all the publications contain a rich collection of Khonthai (poem), Raithai (Essay), Chungdo Solo (short stories) and Methai (songs) and they reflect the rich culture and socio-economic background of the Bodo people.

Most of the articles of this journal are written in Devnagari script, since the Government of India has approved Devnagari as the official script for writing the Bodo language.  

You may browse the different issues of Laijou from the Archive, and enjoy them, and it is sure that your journey through the Archive will take you to new worlds of experience.