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The Bodo Language             

The Bodo language is a branch of the Mongolian family of languages. Many languages have evolved from the main Bodo language viz. Dimasa, Garo, Kokborok, Kocharis and many more.

The Bodo language is included in the 8th schedule of the Indian Constitution and it is the  medium of instruction up to the University level in Assam and BTAD. The language is officially written using the Devanagari script. 

UGC (University Grant Commission) has included Bodo as a subject in NET (National Eligibility Test) Examination.

Lets us speak Bodo:

I = आं/Ang

You = Nwng

We = Jwang

What is your name ? = Nwngni munga ma ?

My name is Ashim = Angni munga Ashim.

Where do you come from ? = Nwng boha ni frai fwidwng ?

I am from Mahakalguri = Ang Mahakalguri ni frai fwidwng.

What do you do? = Nwng ma khalamw ?

I am a student = Ang foraisa.

In which college do you study ? = Nwng bobe college ao foraiw ?

I study in St. Xavier's college = Ang St. Xavie's college ao foraiw.

Do you like Kolkata ? = Nwng Kolkata khou mwjang mwnw ?

Yes, I like it very much = Aou ang Kolkata khou jabwt mwjang mwnw.

Where do stay in Kolkata ? = Nwng Kolkata ao boha thaw ?

I stay at Jadavpur = Ang Jadavpur ao thaw.


Hello ! Mr. Yovan = Gwjwnthwn Mr. Yovan.

Where are you going ? = Nwng boha thangw ?

I am going to the market = Ang hatai ao thangw.

What do you want to buy ? = Nwng ma bainai ?

I will buy mango and egg = Ang thaijou arw doudwi bainai.

Good = Mwjang.

See you later = Unao lwgw mwnai.


Let me see your mobile.= Nwngni mobile khou dinthichai?

Waoo.. new mobile ? = Waoo.. gwdan mobile ?

Where did you buy it ? = Mahaithw baiya bekhoulai?

I bought it through fipkart. = Ang bekhou flipkart jwng baidwng.

How much it cost ? = Beni bechen na bechethw ?

It cost Rs. 12500/- = Beni bechen na Rs. 12500/-.

This mobile is very nice. = Be mobile la jwbwt mwjang.


Good Morning ! = फूंनि गोजोन्थं ।

How are you doing ? = नोंथांआ माबोरै दं ।

I am fine, how are you ? = आं मोजांयिन  दं, नोंथांआ माबोरै दं।

Will you not go to office today ? = नोंथांआ दिनै अफिसयाअ थांलेनामा ।

No, I have taken leave for one week tomorrow I am going to my native place = नों, आं सप्ता मोंन्छेनि छूटि लादों, गाबोन आं गामियाअ थांयो ।

Very good, sometimes we must visit our native place = जोबोत मोजां, सम सम गामियाअ थांखानांगौ ।

By which Train ? = माबे ट्रेनजों ?

No, I did not get Train ticket, going by  Kolkata- Bagdogra flight = नों, आं ट्रेननि टिकिट मोन्नाखै, कलकाता- बागडोग्रा फ्लाईटजों थांयो।

Very good, Safe journey ! = जोबोत मोजां, मोजांयै थां !

Thank you, See you, Bye = साबायखोर थाबाय, लोगोमोज्लायगोन, गोजोन्थों ।

Bye = गोजोन्थों